About CEG Securities

Our values are at the heart of CEG Securities. They underpin everything we do and provide the guiding principles for all of our decisions, activities, planning and behaviour. We achieve our mission through living our values every day. They are continuously incorporated into everything we do to ensure you our introducers are receiving the best possible products, solutions and services.

At CEG Securities, we don’t have the costs including the bureaucratic regulations associated which are ultimately impeding the banks lending to applicants that need access to capital quickly.

This makes us simpler, faster and more flexible for all of your funding requirements. We also offer tailored non-regulated bespoke solutions which has helped us create lasting relationships with thousands of introducer and broker partners.

Fast – Simple – Flexible

  • Commitment
    We endeavor to do everything we can to assist all our introducers with funding solutions and explore all possible avenues to get your applications approved and settled as quickly as possible!
  • Dependability
    We understand that there are situations which require fast settlements. We offer indicative loan approvals the same day and endeavor to settle within 72 hours for all applications to avoid time consuming and costly delays.
  • Simplicity
    We believe lending should be simple without the need for time consuming documentation requests therefore we will only request documents if they are absolutely necessary.
  • Diversity
    Everyone is Welcome! As an asset direct lender we do not conduct credit checks or rely on your clients loan serviceability verification.